Awards for the Best Textbooks

The winners of the ‘Textbook of the Year 2019’ were announced on 19 February at the didacta education trade fair in Cologne. First place in the languages category was awarded to ‘Camden Town’ by the Westermann Verlag. The society category was won by the history book ‘Zeit für Geschichte’, also published by the Westermann Verlag. Read more

New Publication

Call for Papers: Georg Arnhold Summer School 2019

The sixth international Georg Arnhold Summer School will be held in Braunschweig from 25 to 29 June 2019. This year’s event is titled ‘Global Citizenship Education in a Changing World’. Applicants have until 17 March 2019 to submit papers. Read more


The GEI is hosting a number of events at the Didacta education trade fair, which will take place in Cologne from 19 to 23 February 2019. In addition to the presentation of the 2019 Textbook of the Year Award, Dr Riem Spielhaus will give a talk on clichés in textbooks and Dr Annekatrin Bock will speak at two separate events on the School Cloud. Read more

Starving Heroes – On the History of an ‘Icon of Annihilation’

How does a photograph of nine captured heroes become an ‘Icon of Annihilation? Lars Müller, a GEI research fellow, explores this question in his blog entry ‘Starving Heroes’ on the Visual History website. Read more

Thought-provoking textbooks

The GEI, in partnership with the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Didacta Association, honours innovative textbooks each year in order to highlight their social significance. The prizes for ‘Textbook of the Year 2019’ will be awarded to the three best textbooks for upper secondary level in the language and society categories. The shortlist has been announced. Read more


This year’s annual conference of the Kommission Schulforschung und Didaktik (Subdivision School and Curriculum) which will be held in Göttingen in September, will address research on education in schools and subject-specific didactics in the context of the digital shift. Proposals for conference papers may be submitted until 1 March. Read more