New Study on the Portrayal of Roma in Textbooks

The Council of Europe, the Roma Education Fund and the GEI have released the findings of a joint European-wide review of curricula and textbooks in 21 European countries and from Kosovo for history, geography, politics and social studies. The study counted the frequency with which Roma were mentioned, examined the context of the references and the associated images. Read more

New Publication

Islam and its culture and history in educational media

What scope is there to portray diversity in textbooks and to provide a differentiated view of Islam and its culture and history? How can museum curators, researchers and creators of educational media work together? Ideas for the collaborative development of varied educational materials were developed during a tour of the Museum für Islamische Kunst and subsequent workshops. Read more

Textbook of the Year 2020

Every year the GEI, together with its partners the bpd (Federal Agency for Civic Education) and the Didacta Association, recognises authors, editors and publishers who develop innovative textbook concepts. The nominees for 2020 have been selected. The winners will be announced at 3pm on 24 March 2020 at the didacta education fair in Stuttgart. Read more

What pupils in other countries learn about the Holocaust

The Holocaust memorial in Berlin is dedicated to the victims of National Socialism. Schools are also supposed to teach pupils about this period of history. But which regions of the world actually do? Our colleague Peter Carrier discussed this question in an interview with jetzt. Read more

Veröffentlichung der Studie zur Darstellung von Roma in europäischen Lehrplänen und Schulbüchern

In einer ersten Sichtung von Lehrplänen und Schulbüchern für die Fächer Geschichte, Politik- und Sozialkunde sowie Geographie in 21 europäischen Ländern und Kosovo legen der Europarat, der Roma-Education Fonds und das Georg-Eckert-Institut - Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung die Ergebnisse einer gemeinsamen Studie vor. Read more

Das fängt ja gut an „Schulbuch des Jahres 2020“: Bekanntgabe der nominierten Schulbücher

Für die Entwicklung innovativer Schulbuchkonzepte zeichnet das Georg-Eckert-Institut - Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung (GEI) gemeinsam mit der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb und dem Didacta Verband AutorInnen, HerausgeberInnen und Schulbuchverlage aus und stärkt damit die Entwicklung von Bildungsmedien. Read more