Preparations for GLOTREC well underway

The Georg Eckert Institute has started to set up its Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC). The Center will create a digital infrastructure enabling centralised and global access to educational media and will digitally preserve such media as a part of our cultural heritage for research. The project is supported by the Joint Science Conference. Read more

GEI Policy Briefs

Europe – Our History: a textbook for the future

We are pleased to announce the completion of volume 4 - ‘20th century to the present day’ - of the joint history book for Germany and Poland. This series of books approaches European and global history from various perspectives and demonstrates European societies’ interdependence upon one another. German and Polish versions of the books are now available for use in both countries. Read more

The Basement blog

At the start of the Corona crisis researchers at the GEI started a new blog in order to respond to school closures and subsequent home schooling. In addition to useful links, the blog publishes reactions, tips and thoughts (in German) regarding the current challenges of digital education and ways to deal with the ongoing situation. Read more

Racism in Children's books

It is 60 years since the first Jim Knopf book was published and against the background of the current debate on racism the book is coming under scrutiny from some quarters. In an interview with NDR Kultur, head of the Knowledge in Transition department Riem Spielhaus refers to the anti-racist themes raised in the book and points out that it provides plenty of material to provoke discussions about... Read more


Systemic racism is also a problem in Germany, one that extends across all areas of society. Examples of racist banks of knowledge are found in German Textbooks as well. In her publication '"Verbesserte" Schulbuchinhalte reichen nicht aus' (‘Improved’ Textbook Content is not Enough), Julia Bönkost argues that the knowledge and professional competence of teachers are paramount in... Read more

Joint Science Conference supports the creation of a ‘Global Textbook Resource Center’

The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) is creating a ‘Global Textbook Resource Center’ (GLOTREC). GLOTREC is financed by special federal funding provided by the Joint Science Conference. Read more