From the Reformation to Religious Plurality: Educational Media in Focus

The GEI will host the conference ‘From the Reformation to Religious Plurality: Educational Media in Focus’ on 8 and 9 November 2017. On the anniversary of the Reformation, this conference will investigate questions related to the topic's depiction and relevance in educatonal media today. Read more

The Georg Arnhold Program

Europe in Focus: A History Book for Germany and Poland

At the end of September the second volume in the joint history book series ‘Europa – Unsere Geschichte’ (Europe – Our History) was published. This new volume places emphasis on similarities and contrasts in historical developments in Europe and around the world from the start of the modern age until 1815 and briefly highlights how historical events in our society are remembered. Read more

National Library Day

The first national library day, on 24 October 1995, was initiated by President von Weizsäcker. Libraries in Germany have since hosted a range of events on this date every year with the aim of highlighting their role as repositories of knowledge, mediators of information and cultural institutions. The principal focus of events at the GEI library will be the collection of historic reading primers. Read more

Migration: A Chapter of its own

Riem Spielhaus, head of the Textbooks and Society department gave a lecture in the Stuttgart city library on prejudices and negative clichés expressed in textbooks about people with migrant backgrounds. Read more

School Development Prize – Repeat Win Bochum School

For the sixth time, the Erich-Kästner-Schule in Bochum (recognised as a ‘School without Racism’ for nearly ten years) has won the Unfallkasse NRW’s School Development Prize ‘Good and Healthy School’ for the promotion of health and prevention.

Among other areas, the school was honoured for its individual attention to students and the unique rhythm of its school day. For example, one classroom …

Read more

I Believe Something that You Don't Believe

On 8 November 2017, 6:30–8:30 p.m., the GEI Research Library will host a podium discussion on religious plurality in schools. Through this event the GEI hopes to set the tone for a constructive discourse on religious diversity in the school context. The speakers will look at several educational approaches and projects related to religious plurality and will present new supplementary material. Read more