Our annual report for 2017 reflects on a year that was full of new and exciting developments and events. The report presents the research departments and their projects and highlights the findings from 2017. It not only reviews the events of the past year but explores the outlook for the current year. Read more

The Georg Arnhold Program

International Georg Arnhold Summer School 2018

This year's International Georg Arnhold Summer School on ‘Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: Challenges, Policies and Practices’ took place from 23 to 27 July. International scholars and experts explored and discussed the role of education in preventing violent extremism. Read more

Applications welcome for 2019 research grants for international textbook and educational media research

The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) invites applications for several research grants for 2019, including the Otto Benneman grant. The closing date for applications is 15 September 2018 Read more

Questions on textbooks answered for children

Who defines what appears in textbooks? And who decides which textbooks are to be used in lessons? These were some of the questions answered by Eckardt Fuchs in an interview with Kakadu, the children’s radio programme by Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Read more

Return of nine-year secondary school in Bavaria

Bavaria will soon be returning to nine-years of secondary school.

Following mounting criticism of the policy for completing Abitur (secondary leaving certificate that enables university application) in eight years, a referendum has demanded a return to G9 (nine years of secondary school). The main points of criticism included: afternoon lessons from year 6 onwards and pupils’ overcrowded …

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It's time to lay the foundation stone

The wait is finally over! The foundation stone for the Georg Eckert Institute’s new library building will be laid in Braunschweig on 29 August. The new GEI-Campus should be completed in autumn 2019. Friends and patrons of the Institute will celebrate the laying of the foundation stone with guests from the fields of politics, culture, academia and industry. Read more